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Translational Research Program – University of Toronto

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The Translational Research Program (TRP) is a two-year graduate program that will challenge how you think and approach healthcare. Building on your own experiences, you’ll collaborate with learners from varied backgrounds to champion positive change in healthcare and advance impactful, innovative interventions. 

Important dates 

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Who the TRP is for?

This program is for anyone who wants to think differently about healthcare and make a difference.

We handpick learners who span different backgrounds in: 

The mix of career stages, backgrounds and experiences bring a diversity of perspectives that makes learning and problem solving in the TRP a unique experience. 

How you’ll learn 

TRP classes are designed to develop core competencies through discussions, peer learning, and hands-on projects. Co-curricular activities allow you to tackle real-world challenges while building your networks and skills. 

You’ll learn from peers and mentors in industry and healthcare through feedback and support rather than lectures and exams. An Individual Development Plan will support you in identifying opportunities to build skills that facilitate personal and professional goals.  

Flexibility for busy lives 

We understand that completing a master’s degree can conflict with busy schedules. We offer the flexibility of customizable coursework options where classes are concentrated on two days a week. 

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