Membership Application

Benefits of Membership

  • Affiliation with one of Canada’s longest-standing microbiology associations, which actively promotes cooperation, collaborative research, and education amongst microbiologists, and also the development and promotion clinical standards and guidelines. CACMID is inclusive of all microbiology-related positions including technicians, clinicians, medical microbiologists, physicians, students, research scientists and laboratory managers.
  • E-mail notification of CACMID’s e-news updates
  • Have your name and contact information included on the Members Directory (opt-out available)
  • Support of the the annual CACMID-AMMI Canada joint conference, enabling the CACMID board and Scientific organizing committee to develop a high impact scientific program in the areas of clinical microbiology, infectious diseases and microbiology research.
  • Support of and access to CACMID workshops/educational training events and other CACMID-affiliated or CACMID-funded meetings and workshops.
  • Technologist travel education grants to attend the annual CACMID-AMMI Canada conference. Grants usually range from $250 – $1000 (depending on distance travelled), with the only requisite being that the laboratory technologist or technician member presents an oral or poster presentation.
  • Clinical Microbiology Fellows travel education grants to attend the annual CACMID-AMMI Canada conference – Applicants must be a clinical microbiology fellow registered in a Canadian training program (e.g.: Canadian College of Microbiologists), a resident of Canada and and active members of CACMID. Each applicant is eligible for only one grant, and the applicant must be the presenting author in an oral or poster session at the CACMID – AMMI Canada Annual Conference. Maximum value is $1000 CDN.
  • Reduced registration fees at the annual CACMID-AMMI Canada joint conference – and the reduction in fees is usually larger than the amount of membership dues, so the economics are in your favour!
  • formalized Membership Number to provide an easy reference any time you are requested for this # (conference registration, renewal, travel grants, etc).


Registration Fees

Notice for RENEWING Members:

For those renewing an expired membership, please register as a New Member using one of the links above. If you register with the same email address, then your previous CACMID profile will be automatically reactivated.

For additional information, please contact us.


Updated on June 13, 2021