Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

2022 AMMI Canada-CACMID Annual Conference Award Winners

Congratulations to the all the award recipients!

Merit Awards

AMMI Canada Lifetime Achievement Award – Fiona Smaill & Scott A. Halperin

AMMI Canada Distinguished Service Award – Geoffery Taylor & Daniel B. Gregson

John G. Fitzgerald – CACMID Outstanding Microbiologist Award – Lorne Tyrrell

CCM Distinguished Microbiologist Award – Marc Desjardins

CFID Dr. John M. Embil Mentorship Award in Infectious Diseases – Craig Lee

CFID Dr. Juan A. Embil Award for Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research – Jennifer Losie

Association Awards

AMMI Canada New Investigator Award – Nadine Kronfli

JAMMI Trainee Published Manuscript Award – Alice Zhabokritsky – Manuscript: Association between initial symptoms and subsequent hospitalization in outpatients with COVID-19: A cohort study

CFID Undergraduate Summer Research Grant – Subin Park

ALTONA Diagnostics Canada Medical Student Research Award – Julia Luo

AMMI Canada Medical Student Research Award – Julia Cahill

VERITY/CFID Travel Award in Infectious Diseases – Jason Zou

Dr. Susan King Paediatric Abstract Award – Sandra Isabel

AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference Student Poster and Oral Award

AMMI Canada Poster Award – Guadalein Tanunliong – SP11: Age-associated seroprevalence of antibodies against six human coronaviruses: Population-based sero-surveys in 2013 and 2020

CACMID Poster Award – Aidan Nikiforuk & Christina Wong – SP05  Performance of Immunoglobulin G Serology on Finger Prick Capillary Dried Blood Spot Samples to Detect a SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response – SP60  Assessing the limit of detection of Candida auris using Micronostyx Colorex Candida Plus agar and polymerase chain reaction

CACMID Student Oral Presentation Award – Rand Al Ohaly – A04: A comparison between EMR and paper-based health records in time to administration of first dose of IV antibiotics

CCM Poster Award – Katya Douchant – SP43: A commensal bacteria derived protein protects mice from Clostridioides difficile disease in vivo

CCM Dr. Kemmeth Rozee Memorial Poster Award – Keilin Gorman – SP22: Procedure Development for Biofilm Growth from Multi-Drug Resistant Clinically Isolated Bacteria