AMMI Canada and CACMID are pleased to invite you to THE Canadian annual meeting in infectious diseases and microbiology. The 2019 AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference will take place in Ottawa, ON, from April 3-6, and promises another great program!

New to this year’s annual conference, in lieu of an event app, we have created an Online Conference Program. The online program is made up of all session details. All sessions identify the speaker, the objectives along with the location and time of the session.

Under the Information tab, delegates can find speaker biographies, find usefully floorplans to help navigate the hotel along with information on the Westin and Ottawa. Delegates can view the entire program on a single page, drill down into individual sessions to see the list of abstracts for each session and then view the individual abstracts, or download abstracts and sessions details at the click of a button.

The Final Program is available. It can be viewed HERE




The 2019 meeting will address topics including:

  • Tropical Medicine
  • Behavioural Approaches to Enhancing Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
  • Clinical Controversies in Infectious Disease and Diagnostic Microbiology
  • Advances in the Development of Universal Influenza Virus Vaccines
  • What’s Hot in Adult and Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Diagnostic Microbiology?

And a whole lot more!


NoticeAMMI Canada, CACMID and Unconventional Planning are the ONLY official housing agents for the annual conference. NO other housing company, travel agent or third party agency is authorized to place hotel reservations on behalf of the AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference.

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the 2019 conference:



Congratulations to our poster and oral presentation award winners!

AMMI Canada Poster Award

Charlie Tan
SP04 ”Bloodstream Infections in Persons Who Inject Drugs on Treatment for Infective Endocarditis”
C Tan, E Shojaei, M Shah, A Sherazi, M Silverman

CACMID Student Oral Presentation Award

Catherine Hogan
A03 “Novel metabolomics approach for the diagnosis of respiratory viruses directly from nasopharyngeal specimens”
C Hogan, A Le, T Cowan, B Pinsky

Jessica McLellan
G03 “Schistosoma and StrongyloidesScreening in Immigrants as Part of HIV Care in Alberta”
J Mc Lellan, MJ Gill, S Vaughan, B Meatherall

CACMID Poster Award

Jaclyn LeBlanc
SP55 “Practice Variability of Gram-Negative Bacteremias”
Jm LeBlanc, I Davis, K Matheson, P Bonnar

CACMID Technologist Poster Award

Vincent Deslandes
SP45  ”Time from Drawing to Loading of Blood Culture Bottles, and Time to Positivity in the Context of Laboratory Consolidation: a One-Year Retrospective Study”
V Deslandes, N Sant, M Desjardins

CCM Poster Award

Clayton Hall
SP33 “Role of Pseudomonas aeruginosa RpoNin Susceptibility to Tobramycin-Fumarate Combination Treatment”
C Hall, E Farkas, T Mah

CCM Dr. Kenneth Rozee Memorial Poster Award

Adam Monod
SP46 “Factors Associated with Gammaproteobacterial Aerosolization from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Sinks”
A Monod, A Li, S Anceva-Sami, M Downing, S Hota, J Johnstone, K Katz, J Leis, V Mahesh, C McLeod, M Muller, A Paterson, M Pejkovska, D Ricciuto, A Sultana, T Vikulova, C Volling, Z Zhong, B Coleman, A McGeer 

Dr. Susan King Paediatric Abstract Award

Qassim Mian

IP02 “A Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tool to Replace Chest X-Ray for the Diagnosis of Childhood Pneumonia”
Q Mian, A Conroy, R Opoka, S Namasopo, M Hawkes




We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the 2019 conference:



Central Planning Committee (CPC)

Carmen L. Charlton
Todd F. Hatchette

Scientific Planning Committee Co-Chairs
Isabelle Chiu
Christine Turenne
Titus Wong

Matthew W. Gilmour
Andrew Simor

Sponsorship Committee Co-Chairs
Jeff Fuller
Shariq Haider

Abstract Co-Chairs
Christian Lavallée
Christopher Lowe

Committee Members
Tanis Dingle
Sarah Forgie
Jessica Minion
Caroline Quach Scientific Planning Committee (SPC)

Isabelle Chiu
Christine Turenne
Titus Wong

Committee Members
Shelly Bolotin
William Connors
Melanie Di Quinzio
Tanis Dingle
Chelsey Ellis
Ramzi Fattouh
Matthew W. Gilmour
Susy Hota
Jennie Johnstone
Robert Kozak
Christian Lavallée
Lisa Li
Christopher Lowe
Muhammad Morshed
Conar O’Neil
David Patrick
Michael Payne
Peter Pieroni
Susan Poutanen
Earl Rubin
Joanne Salmon
Yoko Schreiber
Prameet M. Sheth Sponsorship Committee

Jeff Fuller
Shariq Haider

Committee Members
Steven J. Drews
Romina Reyes
Daniel Smyth
Don Vinh
Deborah Yamamura



Association des médecins microbiologistes infectiologues du Québec (AMMIQ)
Association des microbiologistes du Québec (AMQ)
British Columbia Association of Medical Microbiologists (BCAMM)
Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR)
Canadian College of Microbiologists (CCM)
Critical Care-Infectious Diseases Network (CCIDN)
Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases (CFID)
Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS)
Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS)
European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID)
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Canada
Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)
Pan American Society of Clinical Virology (PASCV)
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Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)


Updated on November 3, 2019