The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Division of Clinical Microbiology and the Division of Infection Control of the Saskatchewan Health Authority/University of Saskatchewan seeks a Medical Microbiologist for a position that is 50% Medical Microbiology/50% Infection Prevention and Control. Clinical Microbiology is a fully centralized service providing diagnostic testing in bacteriology, virology, mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology and has a comprehensive molecular diagnostics program, 2 MALDI-TOF instruments and front end automation. The lab serves Saskatoon’s 3 acute care hospitals, Long Term Care and community based physicians with daily specimen volumes ranging from 1000-1400. Additionally, the service provides reference testing and consultation for laboratories in rural Saskatchewan. The successful applicant would join a team of 3 other Medical/Clinical Microbiologists in setting clinical direction and oversight for the program along with “on call” service and clinical consultation. Similarly, the Infection Prevention and Control Program sets policy and provides Infection Prevention and Control direction for Saskatoon’s 3 acute care hospital, Jim Patterson’s Children’s Hospital and long term care facilities and also serves to provide consultative advice for healthcare facilities in rural Saskatchewan. The successful candidate would work collaboratively with the Medical Director for Infection Control and the Infection Prevention and Control Team.

Job Poster [PDF download]