The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) invites applications for the position of Medical Director within the Row Romanow Provincial Laboratory (RRPL) of the Provincial Program for Pathology and Laboratory Services. This position’s accountability will include leadership in Public Health, RRPL site leadership and as a key stakeholder of Microbiology and Biochemistry integration locally and provincially as the operations of the RRPL become part of the Laboratory Provincial Program

The RRPL provides a broad range of public health and diagnostic laboratory services to the Province of Saskatchewan. The functions of the RRPL include (but are not restricted to), testing for pathogens or immune status of public health significance, population-based screening, laboratory surveillance to support cluster detection and disease trends of public health significance, specialized diagnostic testing, provincial programs including newborn screening, drugs of abuse, forensic toxicology colorectal cancer screening, genetic testing, environmental testing and education and research. The RRPL also acts as the referral and reference laboratory to support microbiology and clinical chemistry operations provincially.

The Provincial Program of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the Regina area has a complement of 18 laboratory physicians providing primary services to patients in Regina and southern Saskatchewan. The Laboratory operations has a very active cytology program, including flow cytometry and FNAB clinic, and participates in the provincial cytology training program. Our laboratories offer a full range of services utilizing up to date technology including: molecular testing, routine bacteriology, mycology and parasitology. The laboratory includes high quality equipment operated by experienced professionals using the newest version of our laboratory information system. The laboratory is accredited by Health Canada and College of American Pathologists.

The Medical Director of RRPL is a key leadership position within the laboratory system in Saskatchewan. Within this position there are opportunities for ongoing career development including collaborative clinical and research activities with the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina. The Medical Director also works with other physicians in directing and guiding the laboratory system in the province and works with other health organizations to achieve this goal. The specialist would participate in on-call duties as Microbiologist and Infection Control consultant in the Regina Area in delivering a high quality service for the population of Saskatchewan. It is estimated the administration time for this position will comprise 50% with service comprising the other 50% and allowable flexibility of service coverage for leave coverage, as required for patient care.

Within RRPL the Medical Director is accountable for providing medical and scientific leadership to support population-based laboratory services, and in partnership with other public health professionals to maintain and improve the health of the population of Saskatchewan, their environment and their communities. In this role, the Medical Director is also responsible for biosafety, biosecurity, quality and safety programs and regulatory compliance at the RRPL.

As the physician/clinical leader for the laboratory, this position works closely as a Dyad leader with the Operational Director to provide oversight with the Clinical and Scientific Department Leaders and provides medical, clinical, technical and scientific guidance to the laboratory.

The SHA Pathology and Laboratory Services Program is dedicated to learning and is a partner in the growing educational needs of medical students and residents from the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

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