The Provincial Public Health Laboratory (ProvLab), Alberta Health Services is inviting applications from clinical microbiologists to join the ProvLab team. This position is based at the Calgary site of ProvLab, but may be relocated to Edmonton depending on future operational requirements.

ProvLab offers an excellent environment for career development opportunities to pursue clinical and research activities. Our collaborative partners include other laboratories in Alberta, numerous academic departments at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta, as well as public health laboratory partners in other provinces. The core functions of ProvLab include (but are not restricted to) testing for pathogens of public health significance, population-based screening, laboratory testing and surveillance for outbreak detection and monitoring disease trends of public health significance, specialized diagnostic testing, environmental water testing, education, and research.

The Calgary ProvLab site provides provincial public health laboratory programs and specialized reference diagnostic testing. The successful candidate will be required to provide diagnostic microbiology consultation as a clinical microbiologist, and provide clinical, scientific and technical expertise as a Program Leader at ProvLab. The ideal candidate will also have experience and be knowledgeable in virology, mycobacteriology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and environmental microbiology.

Job Poster (PDF download)