Allison McGeer – Of Camels, Bats and Coronaviruses: the (beginning of the) story of MERS-CoV (PDF Download; 2.7MB)

David Fisman – The Impact of Climate and Environmental Changes on Infectious Diseases (PDF Download; 3.8MB)

Edith Blondel-Hill – What’s Hot in Medical Microbiology (PDF Download; 2.1MB)

Emma Allen-Vercoe – Microbe-managing: Manipulating the Human Gut Microbial Ecosystem to Enhance Health (PDF Download; 3.8MB)

Joan Robinson – Hot Topics in Pediatric Infectious Diseases (PDF Download; 2MB)

Allison McGeer and Elizabeth Bryce – Antibiotic Resistance and Mandatory Screening (PDF Download; 1.7MB)

Updated on May 19, 2014